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if i don’t stop

i might just

end up writing fanfiction.

antithesis of productivity.


well, since i’m such a sucker for cute faces…

something really quick before work.  :)

i’ll try to do something when i get home.

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I dare you.

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so, my addiction to this crack has just gotten worse and worse.

this all started just because i wanted to draw kenpachi hugging toushirou (top left).  then a weird thing where little whitey gets embarrassed by a shirtless ken.  and cat and wolf?  where did

the cello thing is an au idea i had where toushirou is a prodigical cellist, because him having a big instrument totally makes sense (i saved the bass for gin, because, well—).

what am i doing with my life, i need to work on something productive

yarrow and daffodils

so, my friend got me into bleach recently (yes, i’m years behind, shut up), and i’ve been dying to do some drawings from it.  which brings me to my two main ships.  both weird, because one is het, and the other is INCREDIBLY crack-y.


these ships are sailing.

in case you didn’t know, i love milk.

the other day, i bought a gallon (because i’m the one in charge of buying it since i drink it all), and it fell out of the bag and broke.  when i told my roommates, the first thing they asked is if i cried.

because crying over spilt milk is something i would do.

i think this is only the second time i’ve drawn shoujo since i started on tumblr.  huh.  i should draw her and sushi more.

You know what? I want to live stream.

Because i haven’t done it in forever.
That may happen later this week.

Remember those chibi fae i did a while back? Got a random hair to make them into stickers.

random kenny mccormick thing.

we almost had perfection

ryuuzaki umi

i just want to write something possessive.

i don’t know why, but i just want to write a short one shot fic with someone being way too possessive, and then maybe a fight, and maybe make up sex, i don’t know



just can’t think of the fandom or couple, i will turn my fucking wheels over this, shiiit.

(i’ve been getting back into vargas, it’s fucking with me, meeeeh)

she shines like the sun

got invited to do cronus on a potterstuck rp, and this is what happened before we even started.

i just

really love aranea

back talking to kurloz.