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Working on some stuff?

I’d do it if I had the time, it would be cute

But, really, that song by magic!, the one called rude, I want to do a picture song or a flash that’s gamzee bugging the shit out of the summoner for tavros’ hand in marriage, and the whole of it is him going back and forth between wanting to prove he’s good enough and that he’s just going to steal him away.
But there’s a twist, at the last bridge/chorus, it’s tavros going up to the grand high blood and asking and when he says no he’s just like whatever, and runs away with gamzee, and leaves behind pissed off dads.
Oh, and then grubs, of course.


Fun fact! Trans and nonbinary people who choose not to go on hormones, get surgery, etc. are still totally valid! Nonbinary people who choose not to present as “androgynous” are still totally valid! Binary trans people who choose not to present traditionally feminine or masculine based on their gender are still totally valid!

Stop policing everyone’s identity. It isn’t difficult.

This post means so much, you have no idea.
I may never get surgery, or go on any hormones.
That does not make me any less of a man or valid as a trans.

Hello, all of the new roll-ups!

I’ve actually gotten a number of new followers, and to you, hello and thank you for following. For my old followers, thank you for staying!
I should have the giveaway within a few days. Work is a little rough with the iphone six launch, but I’m determined to have it up soon.
I’ve finally decided how to do it, and it’ll include things like my polymer charms, stickers, and even a commission piece for the grand prize. So keep tuned! Information soon!

The number has been tapped!

Hit the lucky number last night, so i’ma going to get a post together for the giveaway, but it’s going to take a couple of days.
But it’s going to be commissions, free prints, charms, things like that.

mandatory overtime because of this fucking piece of shit device.


Need ideas for the giveaway

Is so close, I can taste it.

if you haven’t checked out the little heros au yet, you should reconsider your life choices.

god, i can’t wait until you get your legs back.

felt like doing some chibis of my warriors characters.  because i keep acting like i’ll do more original art, haha.

I love being asked.

I never understand why my friends say, I’m not trying to be offensive, but what name/pronouns do you want me to use?
How is that offensive? I’m not saying you should just know, especially when you knew me originally as something else.
It is respectful to ask.
And thank you for that.

Randomly drawn thick lady.

Just you wait until I have a moment.

When we aren’t thirty calls in queue, I have a grocket rant/ramble that has been brewing for a few days now.

was going to do more in depth with this, but i really liked the simplicity of it, so i kept it.




Today was shit at work, stupid overtime, fucking cunt ass bitches who don’t understand the simple concept of when you change your plan from something that isn’t offered anymore, YOU CAN’T GET IT BACK
And kibbits, why the fuck are you so hyper, daddy just wants to do art downstairs where it isn’t hawt as balls
And where the fuck is my waifu, I need some human life here
*continues ranting, including something about computers and uncooperative programs for let’s plays*