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Lead the Way

just one more week, then moved into new place.  then hopefully regular updates.


for now, short in between chapter.

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Lack of updates due to utter bullshit at home and moving. things have gotten better, but I’ll talk about all that later.

for now, send me random things, either asks or requests or whatever. I miss talking with mein roll-ups.

I’ve become obsessed with kenpachi’s eye.




It’s nose is so pink omg

when i saw this little guy, all i could think of was toushirou.

don’t you judge me.

Only the Light Above.

apparently being incredibly at my roommates helps me write kenpachi chapters.

go figure.

enjoy the point of view change.

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Chasing Shadows.

so sleepy.

don’t want to go to work tomorrow.

grumble about other things.

*throws down post and goes to bed*

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The Sun, the Earth, the Dark, and the Moon.

Not actually a chapter, just some mythos on the world.

Because I got inspired?  *le shrug*

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tags: #lunacy au
i am an angry individual.

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Anonymous sent:
You're an awesome writer and artist and you were my inspiration to start drawing and Tumblring (if that's even a word) and you were my first follower so thank you <3

eeeiiii, you are so sweet.

i’m glad i helped start you on posting, i hope you keep at it.  it’s always awesome to have fellow artists out there.  <3

and don’t thank me, you did it all on your own because you’re amazing, shoosh, i know these things.

(and if it wasn’t a word before, it totally is now, mwhahaha)


Meeeeeeeh.  I hate first chapters of stories, where I’m just getting shit out of the way so I can move on to the good stuff.  Plugh.


Chapter two!

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So, i tried out a new printer just to see if i could get some better quality for an even better price.
And, i have to say, I’m really happy with these, especially compared to the staples stuff. I only ordered two of each, but somehow got five for the same price, so I’m even more ecstatic.
The only issue is i had one printed for my own pleasure that i knew i could never sell, and now i have four extra copies of one of my kenpachi/toushirou pictures. Ohwell, I’ll find people to con into the ship and throw it at them, mwahahahahaha.

Based on my blog how many followers do you think I have
A Pack of Strays.

Finally.  Due to work and personal life (i.e., I’m getting ready to move again), this has been hard to wrangle out.  I’m hoping the next parts won’t be, though.

This is the first chapter to the Lunacy AU for Bleach.  I’ll do a big archive post once I get a few in, that will give the actual synopsis, warnings, whatever.

Just anticipate main couple to be Kenpachi/Toushirou.  You all should have guessed this.

The world setting is a weird mix between Wolf’s Rain and Werewolf: the Apocalypse.  It’ll get more explained as the story goes on.

This was chapter was kind of rushed, so there might be some weirdness, again, it’ll go more into detail as it progresses.


(I need to sleep, fucking work.)

Enjoy the first chapter, mein roll-ups!

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i need to stop having a social life.

It keeps me from loving on my tumble lovelies.